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When her daughter is expelled for allegedly smoking pot in the teacher’s restroom, Annie Mulligan goes full Mama Bear to get her baby back on track for college, even if that means homeschooling. Desperate for help, she convinces her darling to keep her expulsion and weed a secret when they join a conservative homeschool group, which provides chemistry labs and a very handsome math tutor. In turn, Annie reluctantly agrees to attend a pro-life protest. But she can’t keep her mouth shut, even when cops show up with handcuffs. Which totally messes with her Lesson Plan.

Silenced is set in the fictional small town of Mapleville, and based on a historical Burlington, Vermont regulation. Told with heart and humor, the story reveals that opposing sides are often more alike than different, including mothers and daughters. In this strikingly relevant novel, author Kelly Bartlett asks, “Will they rally the courage to tell the truth? Or will they be silenced?”

Ranked #4 in Satire on Amazon's Free in Kindle Store

“This story moved along and kept me up late into the night because I couldn't put it down.”
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